Presentation film-Convey a positive sense that strengthens your brand.

The purpose of a presentation film is to give a positive image of your company and your business. We start by jointly develop a script. It's important is to consider who you want to see the film, and what message you want to communicate.Then, we build your presentation film from it. In post-production we, work with colorgrading, sound and graphics.

A presentation film can be posted on a website, Web, Facebook, etc. You choose how long you want the movie to be, but most presentation films we have produced is a little over 2 minutes.

A presentation film/Image film should reflect the soul of your organization. It is not enough to just be an accomplished cinematographer. A good feeling for editing and narrative technique is at least as important. Most presentation films that we've done has been about 2 minutes. The film can be shown on a home page, Facebook, Youtube as well as from a link in an email.

The exact content of your presentation film we determine together. You can tell a story in so many different ways, the most important thing is to make a really good film that conveys a good feeling that remains.

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We usually make our films with a so-called feel-good feeling. A promotional film that touches you strengthens the brand and thereby increases sales. The feeling that remains after watching a presentation film is more important than facts and numbers. This can be achieved, for example, by interviewing someone who tells you about their experiences and about the company. We often use a narration as a theme through a presentation film. Because you know your company and know what information to convey, you write the text, but off course we help you with the layout and feedback.


Surveys have shown that about 60% turns off a film longer than two minutes.That is why most presentation films we produce are around two minutes. People are accustomed to short film clips found on Youtube and other social media. Some do not even watch a movie that is several minutes long. In a presentation film that's a little shorter, around a minute, it is difficult to get the information that you want to deliver. It is of course important to tell us what your company does best, and why customers choose you! At the end of your presentation film we can for example add your logo and address to your Web page.


YouTube is adapting the film's quality after the viewer's bandwidth. Many other sites don't do that. In that case the film size should be selected when the movie is uploaded. Therefore, we deliver the film in a size that suits you. Sometimes, we deliver the film in several sizes depending on where it should be posted. A presentation film can be posted on your website and social media. It can powerfully show so much more about the company than text or images can. Therefore email is often used by customers to add a link to the company when they have been in contact with new customers. Your potential customers get a better feeling for the company and your business when they see your presentation video.