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Our vision is to be the obvious choice when it comes to B2B corporate video

Filmbyggarna is a agency located in Stockholm, Halmstad, Gotheburg and Malmö. We focus on companies in the manufacturing and service sector. It requires that we work with a high quality and at the same time are time efficient.

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Mattias Dimfelt, Producent

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A well-made corporate film strengthens the brand and increases sales. Most important before we get started is, just like in other marketing, to know which target audience you're looking for and what message you want to send. Then weproduce the film based on it. We work in the long term, which has resulted in over half of our assignments coming from existing customers. That's why it's extra important to us with satisfied customers and that our movies help them meet their goals. We receive very positive feedback from our customers. That they come back to give us the confidence to make more films we see as the best receipt we can get that our films create profitability.


Movies are important because it's the most powerful way to market. A corporate movie gives information faster than when reading a text with images.

For example, an instructional movie increases the understanding of your product or product by 74%.

90% say that a movie is helpful in buying decisions.

The film's strength is to be able to combine moving images with sound and thus create a mood. A good business film focuses on customer benefits and gives the viewer the right information. We want the recipient to get a bit wiser.


For us it is important to make movies with a feel-good feeling. This means that a viewer feeling good after seeing a corporate movie is more important than numbers and charts. A sense of a product or company stays but with numbers and charts it's quickly forgotten. It's also true that a corporate movie should not be too long. About one-tenth of viewers turns off after one minute and about 60% stops after 2 minutes. Viewers today are used to the fast pace of Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Some even do not even start a movie if it is too long. Feel-good is also about content, editing, music and graphic elements. It is also important to have good lighting and sound both in recording and in post production when we produce a corporate film.


We have our own proffessional film cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, drones, steadicam and editing systems. Because we have film photographers around Sweden, we have the opportunity to help our customers wherever they are. We also have durable suitcases and insurance for assignments abroad. We have about 10 Swedish voice-overs that we usually collaborate with and more in other languages, primarily English. We also have the opportunity to film or stream lectures / debates with up to three cameras. Because we also make animated films, we have the opportunity to add animations in a corporate movie.